The Malta Individual Investor Programme

The Malta Individual Investor Programme (MIIP) is intended to take Malta to the world, to expand our horizons and attract individuals who are not only willing to invest, but who believe in this small Island Nation’s truly great potential.

Government Aspires for a Sustainable Malta Built on a Digital Economy for the Strengthening of Employment Opportunities in the Sector

Minister Carmelo Abela and Parliamentary Secretary Clayton Bartolo emphasise that Malta is looking into becoming a research, development, and innovation centre for established companies and upcoming...

Suspension of Licence

  The Malta Individual Investor Programme Agency has suspended the licence of BT International Limited, holders of licence IIP 003, until further notice.  Malta Individual Investor...

Malta Maritime Registry Among the Top 20 Registers on the Paris MoU White List for the First Time in History

  Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Ian Borg gave an update about the Maltese Maritime Registry, when he announced that while the flag has retained its place as first...

DBRS Affirms Malta’s Credit Rating at A (High) with a Stable Outlook

  The Ministry for Finance and Financial Services welcomes another positive credit rating report published by DBRS Morningstar, following that of Fitch earlier this month, which affirmed...

Exceptional Result for Malta in the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) 2021-2027 and the Recovery Instrument

  The Prime Minister described the agreement as an exceptional result and noted that this is the largest ever allocation for Malta, with six special allocations. [1] This is even more...

Attracting Talent and Trustworthy Investment

The experience of our nation since launching the Individual Investor Programme has been largely a positive one. The programme has generated an interest in our market from all across the globe. Investor interest is at an all-time high, and ideas of possible mutually beneficial partnerships are flourishing. One of the factors contributing to Malta’s success is that the venture is not profit-driven, but to attract rare talent that will further benefit the country’s economy.

These economic and social factors have changed the profile of the Maltese Islands by attracting high-quality intellectual and financial capital through the IIP. We are now in a position to start making good use of the investment that the programme has directly generated, which will allow us to address long outstanding issues the country has faced and not yet resolved throughout the years.

There is also a reality behind the IIP, which is not being told. The wealth behind the Maltese programme is not monetary. It is attracting families who become proud Maltese citizens not looking to make money but wanting to become part of another country to contribute to the already rich diverse nature through personal and cultural relationships.


A Thriving Nation

Malta is an astounding Mediterranean gem, characterised by a uniquely rich culture and warm hospitality that make the island the perfect choice for investors and expatriates looking to base themselves in a safe and stable country that has endless business opportunities.


The Malta Individual Investor Programme Agency provides 70% from the contributions that it generates through the programme to the National Development and Social Fund (NDSF). The NDSF is an autonomous agency which is intended to contribute its funds towards promoting and supporting major projects, implement initiatives of national importance to improve our economy, and enhance our public services. These also include the advancement in education, research, innovation, social purpose, justice and the rule of law, employment initiatives, the environment and public health.


Malta has the 8th strongest passport worldwide with visa-free access to 184 destinations,
and the world’s leading citizenship by investment programme.

The 2020 Henley Passport Index
Henley & Partners

“Malta’s extensive travel offerings, high standard of living, well established processes, and robust due diligence, meant it scored more highly on these pillars than any other European programme… “

The 2019 CBI Index
Private Wealth Management

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