Changes in the Agencies’ Structures

Apr 4, 2018 | News

Following the amendments made to the Public Administration Act (Ch. 497), Identity Malta, the Malta Residence & Visa Agency (MRVA) and the Malta Individual Investor Programme Agency (MIIPA) are now three separate agencies.

The proposed changes made, which clearly stipulate the agencies’ roles and duties, are part of a wider reform to enhance operational procedures. In turn, each agency will have its own non-executive chairperson, as well as a board of directors, and will be led by a separate Chief Executive Officer.

The designed structure is intended to promote closer cooperation amongst the three agencies, with Identity Malta chiefly coordinating the policy area. Hence, members of the board of directors will be common for all three, and this will allow for further collaboration on matters concerning citizenship, work permits as well as visa processing.

The composition of the three agencies is as follows:

Identity Malta

Non-Executive Chairperson Ian Castaldi Paris
CEO Anton Sevasta

Malta Individual Investor Programme Agency (MIIPA)

Non-Executive Chairperson Frances Mifsud
CEO Jonathan Cardona

Malta Residence & Visa Agency (MRVA)

Non-Executive Chairperson Nadette Azzopardi
CEO Roderick Cutajar

Malta Individual Investor
Programme Agency (MIIPA)

Mediterranean Conference Centre
Old Hospital Street
Valletta, Malta VLT 1645

Phone: +356 21 225 232

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