Outcome Announcement Investment Migration Forum

Jun 5, 2018 | Events

With a leading role in due diligence within citizenship by investment, the Malta IIP is one of the main advocates of the importance of this process. In the wake of greater scrutiny of the industry, CIUs need to seek ways how to enhance their collaboration, by sharing their wealth of knowledge and experience in a formal manner within the required legislative framework. We must exercise stringent DD, and we must clearly communicate this to all the stakeholders and observers.

Malta developed the first CBI risk matrix to mitigate all the risks associated with CBI applications which goes beyond the source of funds and wealth. The MIIPA uses a structured due diligence process with a multitude of layers in order to gain access to information about the applicants. Sources include government agencies, law enforcement agencies and the private sector to obtain the necessary information which is then analysed and reviewed to mitigate the risks.

Jonathan Cardona sat on a panel discussing the importance of Due Diligence in the Context of Investor Migration at The Investment Migration Forum.


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