Outcome Announcement 2018 Uglobal Immigration Convention

Aug 1, 2018 | Events

During the 2018 Uglobal Immigration Convention in Los Angeles, Monica Farrugia participated in a panel discussion on the importance of due diligence in the citizenship by investment industry.

MIIPA developed a risk matrix aimed at structuring the due diligence process. This concept was very well received by industry peers and financial institutions alike because it provides invaluable insight into each application, which helps in making more informed decisions and keeping operational risks to a minimum.

Stringent due diligence can potentially result in having fewer approvals, but rather than numbers Malta strives for quality. MIIPA has a global responsibility that does not start and end with Malta. Being proactive and thinking two steps ahead instils peace of mind that all applicants who obtain Maltese citizenship through the IIP, who therefore enjoy visa-free travel to 182 countries, are indeed citizens of good repute.

Watch Post-Event Video: https://bit.ly/2MDPpw1 

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