Malta with the Highest Growth Rates of GDP and Employment in the EU

Dec 11, 2018 | News

During Q3 2018, Malta recorded the highest growth rates of GDP and employment among the EU28.

While it increased its GDP growth from Q2’s +6.2% to Q3’s +7.9% change when compared to the respective quarters of the previous year, the EU28’s GDP growth reduced from Q2’s +2.1% to Q3’s +1.8%. In relative terms, we can say that Malta is growing four times as much as the EU28’s average.

The same can be said to the employment growth rates, as Malta registered a +4.9% increase in Q3 when compared with the same quarter of the previous year, whereas the EU28 only recorded a +1.2% increase.

This ever-increasing gap in growth rates goes to show that the Maltese Government’s cautious economic policy is and will keep bearing its fruits in the long run.

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