COVID-19 Wage Supplement Extended to May and June

Apr 30, 2020 | News

The COVID-19 Wage Supplement is going to be extended to May and June. Those who will be applying for COVID-19 Wage Supplement in May will be paid for May onwards, announced Minister for Economy, Investment and Small Businesses Silvio Schembri when addressing a press conference together with Malta Enterprise CEO Kurt Farrugia given that applications for both March and April supplements had to be submitted by today, the 30th of April.

Those who already applied for the COVID Wage Supplement in March and April do not need to apply again. They will continue to benefit from the COVID Wage Supplement until further notice.

Minister Schembri said that discussions with the Health Authority with regards to the restart strategy are now at advanced stages. “The uplifting of restrictions in some economic sectors shall be done in a gradual manner through a well-thought and studied plan taking into consideration the economic and social context. The slow opening shall take its time and it is essential for everyone to work hand in hand. At such a dynamic situation that is constantly evolving, as a government, we want to give peace of mind and certainty”.

Minister Schembri said that faced with this challenging situation, the government sought opportunities. ‘Activity in factories pursued, discussions with stakeholders continued resulting in the tapping of new economic niches which will prove to be beneficial in the long run. Companies such as Metallform continued with their investment projects which shall translate in the creation of 50 new jobs. This is the sense of optimism we want to instil in our drive to stimulate the economy. As a government, we remain committed to assisting businesses that are investing during challenging times”.

Minister Schembri assured that during the slow opening process of the economy, the economic support measures shall pursue till some businesses recover substantially. The government is going to keep on helping businesses thus everyone must work hand in hand during which the government will stand shoulder to shoulder.

When compared to last week, the number of applications received increased by 700 new applicants amounting to 18,986 applications covering 87,808 employees.

It was explained that more than €25million have been disbursed so far as part of the COVID19 Wage Supplement an increase of €15million when compared with last week.

About the Telework Scheme, an amount of €142,000 has been disbursed so far which shall increase to €185,000. Concerning Quarantine leave, €49,350 disbursed so far out of the €544,950 grant approved.

Malta Enterprise CEO Kurt Farrugia said, “Now that seventy-six per cent of the applications have been processed our focus is to continue assisting companies and the self-employed in their operations and prepare for post-COVID-19 scenario. One must reiterate the importance to encourage applicants to check their mailbox and reply to the evaluation outcome as now there are around 2000 applications that have gone through the evaluation process but not accepted or otherwise from the client”.

Press Release by the Ministry for Economy, Investment and Small Businesses

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