MIIP Generated Funds Targeted Towards ‘Green & Blue Infrastructure’ Environmental Projects

Jun 20, 2020 | News

An unprecedented investment in environmental projects under the concept of ‘Green & Blue Infrastructure’ in three urban areas, in three localities, was announced as a joint initiative by the Ministry for the Environment, Climate Change and Planning and the Parliamentary Secretariat for Citizenship and Communities.

The areas are:

– Housing Estate, Ħamrun;

– Vjal L-Indipendenza, Mosta;

– Triq il-Wied, Ħal-Qormi.

Minister Aaron Farrugia explained that, while this project focuses on urban zones, there is an element of diversity in the chosen areas, with the aim of greening the places where people live, work, and use as recreational areas.

“In Qormi, the intervention will be in the area of a valley which is known for being impacted by rainwater; in Ħamrun, the project will be at the heart of the community and in a place where hundreds of families live; in Mosta, a main road which is also considered to be a commercial zone,” Minister Farrugia said.

The Minister explained that a design and build competition for professionals will be launched, through which proposals for these projects will be chosen based on their environmental benefits and health benefits for residents. “Malta needs more projects which truly are in line with our vision to move from grey to green in terms of infrastructure, and which truly benefit the health of residents and improve wellbeing. This is why we are looking at less traditional ways of tackling national projects, and because the time has come to revolutionise the concept of intelligent planning in our country,” the Minister said.

Parliamentary Secretary Alex Muscat said that this pilot project will be financed by the National Development and Social Fund (NDSF) in order to continue to support our communities and improve the quality of life of residents within these communities. “We are continuing to see the value and importance of funds generated from the Individual Investor Programme (IIP) as they give rise to projects which benefit the public, as they are invested in the environment we live in,” Parliamentary Secretary Muscat said.

This initiative will be led by the Ministry for the Environment together with the Environment and Resources Authority (ERA), Ambjent Malta, and the Chamber of Architects.

​The project will be financed by national funds which contribute directly to social development to support our communities.

Press Release by the Ministry for the Environment, Climate Change and Planning and the Parliamentary Secretariat for Citizenship and Communities

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