Approved Agents

Potential applicants for the Malta Individual Investor Programme need to make use of the services of Approved Agents (AA) who are authorised and trained to guide them through the whole application process.

These Approved Agents are professional individuals, holders of a warrant in their profession, who are accredited in their own personal capacity or who work on behalf of firms. Malta Individual Investor Programme Agency accredits individuals in order to ensure professional ethics, traceability, facilitate communication and ensure personal responsibility for each application including the carrying out of the Know Your Client (KYC) procedure on each client in line with the standards of the financial services industry.

Requirements and Conditions

In order to become Approved Agents, applicants must fulfil the following requirements and conditions:

  1. Be a Maltese resident.
  2. Hold a professional warrant and be a member of a professional body. Copies of warrant and membership are to be submitted with the application.
  3. Be certified as Authorised Registered Mandatories (ARMs) by the International Tax Unit at the Malta Financial Services Authority.
  4. Hold a Professional Indemnity Insurance of €1m specifically covering IIP.
  5. Show evidence of unrestricted access to a Due Diligence database.
  6. Provide proof of identity (data page of valid passport or both sides of ID Card) for individuals in sections C and D of the application form M7 and the individual to be licensed.
  7. Utility bill of individual to be licensed.
  8. Attend a mandatory briefing workshop at MIIPA.
  9. Pay a fee of €1,500 to the Malta Individual Investor Programme Agency.
  10. Fill in application form M7 Applicants appearing on behalf of a firm must provide an authorisation letter from the partners authorising them to appear on behalf of the firm for the purposes of the IIP. Forms and other related documentation can be downloaded from here.
  11. Provide a police conduct certificate.
  12. MIIPA will obtain a separate law enforcement clearance.

All citizenship applications under the Malta Individual Investor Programme go through a systematic review and evaluation process, with no exceptions or a fast-track option. Agents shall not promote or mislead prospective applicants that the process may be facilitated and such practice may lead the Agency to take appropriate action, including sanctions and revocation of license.

Knowledge Database


MIIP Handbook 2018 – 3rd Edition

This guide will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how to complete in detail the Malta IIP application forms and the documentation required to support an application from both the main applicant and their family.

Download Handbook

Contributions & Fees

The following contributions and fees shall be required as a minimum to qualify for citizenship under the IIP:



  • Main applicant – €650,000
  • Spouse – €25,000
  • Each and every child aged below 18 – €25,000
  • Each and every dependant unmarried child aged 18-26 – €50,000
  • Each and every dependant parent aged above 55 – €50,000

Passport Fees

  • per person – €500

Due Diligence Fees

  • Main applicant – €7,500
  • Spouse – €5,000
  • Each and every child aged 13-17 – €3,000
  • Each and every dependant unmarried child aged 18-26 – €5,000
  • Each and every dependant parent aged above 55 – €5,000

Bank Charges

  • per application – €200

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